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Our counselors are highly trained, experienced professionals utilizing various therapy techniques that are right for you. Incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Rogerian, Solution Focused, Faith Based and Christian Counseling, and even Art and Play Therapy, we are here for you.

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The Counselors


Lynn Kimball is a professional counselor and co-owns BLUE SKY Counseling with her husband Scott. She is the proud mom to five kids, two dogs -- two very well-fed cats -- and whoever is at the house around dinner time.


Lynn has dedicated her life to helping others, both in her community and around the world. Before entering professional counseling, Lynn helped those in need wherever the Lord called her. If you asked her where she’d rather be -- on a cruise ship or on the mission field in Mexico, Panama or Nicaragua -- she’d choose the latter. Lynn’s foundation is firmly set in her Christian faith and her desire to help those in need, isn’t a profession -- it’s a way of life.


Lynn focuses on finding creative ways to help her clients from Art and Play Therapy (baking soda and vinegar science projects!) to EMDR and incorporating a faith informed background. Lynn will do whatever it takes to help them through any issues they may be facing.


Lynn received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Utah in Psychology and her Masters of Professional Counseling from Liberty University but knows that the best teachers for professional counselors are their patients. She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. She loves reading, art, hiking, skiing and riding her GSXR 750 Sports bike.

Lynn Best Pic.jpg

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” 
― C.S. Lewis



Angie has worked in therapy, counseling and social work for more than 18 years at the local, state and federal level. She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a genuine desire to build a happier and healthier Alamogordo to the job every day. When she’s not serving clients, she loves art, horseback riding, kayaking, reading, and is a proud mom with her partner T to three kids.

Angie received her master’s degree in social work from the University of Denver and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She specializes in treating PTSD, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, adjustment disorders and sexual trauma.


“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove... but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

– Forest Witcraft


(Telehealth only)



“Your life is God’s gift to you. But what you do with that life is your gift to God.”

– Leo Buscaglia

All one needs to do to see Cal’s face light up with excitement is to talk with him about the joy of helping people through hard times. For more than 35 years, Cal has worked with patients to help them live fuller and happier lives. He discovered his passion for therapy while working with groundbreaking psychologist Carl Rogers – who spearheaded the now gold standard client-centered approach to psychology. Cal specializes in treating PTSD and anxiety with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. He loves to travel – especially on road trips – and is a big fan of motorcycles, hiking and of course – quantum physics.


Cal received his doctoral degree from University of Wisconsin , Madison, and his certificate of graduation from the Alfred Adler Institute of Minnesota. He is also a veteran, obtaining the rank of captain in the United States Air Force.

Dr. Cal Bolinder

(Telehealth only)


CC pic.jpg

“Fall down seven times, get up eight.” -Japanese Proverb

​Carmen will be the first to tell you that for her, counseling is not a job – it’s who she is – a way of life. She has a deep passion for helping those who are hurting and lives for seeing her patients live a good-quality life filled with peace and harmony. When she’s not counseling patients, Carmen enjoys sewing, painting, rug weaving, crocheting, puzzles and spending time with friends and family. She is the proud mom to three children, five grandkids and six great-grandkids.

Carmen received her bachelor's degree in human development and a minor in sociology from Cal State East Bay in Hayward, California. She got her masters degree in Counseling and Psychology from Troy State University in 2001. For 18 years, she has guided patients through difficult times and still believes there’s no more gratifying feeling than seeing a once distraught patient be at peace.

Carmen Chavez
Agnes Rodriguez



The only thing Agnes loves more than hiking, fishing, golfing and other activities is the time she gets to spend having conversations that help those that are looking to improve their lives.


Agnes received her degree from New Mexico Highlands University and has a firm foundation in her faith in God. She’s involved in counseling because she wants to help others the way that she’s been helped herself. 

Dr. Lorinda Arella

Dr. Lorinda R. Arella, Ph.D

Dr. Lorinda R Arella is a clinical psychologist licensed in New Mexico and New York. She joined Blue Sky Counseling in 2020 where she provides individual, family and group psychotherapy for ages 10 through the elderly. Phsticologh tersting and assements . She is a strong advocate for collaborative relationships with educators, prescribers and primary care providers.


Dr. Arella has two grown children now living on the west coast. Dr. Arella grew up on Long Island and lived in New York with her family until 2017 when she took a position in Mental Health at Holloman Air Force Base.  Since 1985 when she received her doctorate from Columbia University, Dr. Arella has enjoyed diverse career opportunities, including research and evaluation in substance abuse and mental health for NY State and NY City, founding/directing her own consulting company (ORDA Ltd), adjunct college faculty, and has more than 12 years experience as principle of a busy psychotherapy practice. 


Dr. Arella is passionate about community service. She initiated a grassroots organization (VETFAMSA) to expand services and support to veterans and military families, and she has donated thousands of hours to veterans, families of addicts, and mental health associations. She co-founded The Veteran Arts Showcase, and she is a certified SafeTALK trainer on suicide prevention. 

Dawn Garrett

Dawn Garrett, lpcc

(telehealth only)

Dawn is a Licensed Practicing Clinical Counselor with over 30 years of counseling experience in many venues and several states from the southwest to the east coast. She grew up in a military family, graduated high school in Alamogordo, and after much travel, returned “home”.  Besides her love of getting to know people and seeing the world through different points of view, she enjoys doing “artsy” things – taking pictures, art projects, singing and playing piano, decorating and organizing, and gaming.  


She provides counseling to all ages from early childhood to older adult, utilizing therapy that is relationship-based, strengths-based, faith-based, and through creative modalities. Some specific techniques include CBT, Play Therapy, Child-Parent Psychotherapy (helping parent and child through common trauma), Circle of Security Parenting, Love and Logic Parenting, and Infant Mental Health (strengthening the infant and primary caregiver relationship).  She has worked in a wide variety of venues, including inpatient, community outpatient, residential children’s treatment, home-based, managing a Healthy Families program (helping first-time parents through in-home services), and now telehealth – a venue she is currently providing full time.   


She is honored by the privilege of walking with people through some of their life journey, valuing relationship as the catalyst for healing.   Her training in early intervention and childhood brain development has provided new insights and tools in her work with all ages, especially related to effects of trauma and strategies for healing. She also offers Christ centered counseling for those interested, and hopes that for including those with different faiths and perspectives, you will benefit from being treated with respect and grace.  

"I don’t admire people who are perfect; I admire people who struggle well."
-Author Unknown

Maddie and Dingo Kimball

(In-office only)

Having a “ruff” day? Well, luckily for you, one of Blue Sky’s counselors is on-hand to help you! Maddie was rescued by Blue Sky owner and lead counselor Lynn Kimball and has quickly become a beloved member of the counseling team. As a certified therapy dog offering support with mental health, she is on-site to greet you with a tail wag and a snuggle.

Dingo on the other hand picked, or rather, 'paw picked' us and has been a playful, cuddly, addition. Warning: she is completely unaware of personal space!

dogs webiste_edited.jpg

"Woof woof!"

- Clifford

The Office Staff


Scott Best Pic.jpg

“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”

–J.R.R. Tolkien

If 36 years in public service has taught Scott anything, it’s that nothing worthwhile in life is easy. That was true during his 20-year tenure as an Air Force fighter pilot, throughout his 16 years in civil service, and it’s definitely true as one of Southern New Mexico’s newest small business owners.


When’s he’s not managing the day-to-day operations of BLUE SKY Counseling with his wife and co-owner Lynn, you’ll see – or hear – Scott flying over the Tularosa basin in a plane or helicopter. As a member of our Nation’s elite civil service, Scott continues to use his skills as a pilot to support our active duty servicemen and women. Probably the only thing that Scott enjoys more than flying is spending time with his family and friends. Scott is also an avid outdoorsman who bags a deer or elk just about every year. In addition, he’s the one that everyone calls when something breaks and no one knows how to fix it – whether he likes it or not.


For Scott, founding BLUE SKY with Lynn was more than just a business decision, it’s a way to help those in a community they care deeply about. And that comes as no surprise to those that know Scott and Lynn best.


bryce best pic.jpg

If you ask Bryce, he’d rather be traveling than doing pretty much anything! He’s visited 23 countries and is always planning the next backpack trip overseas. However, that doesn’t stop Bryce from giving it his all day in and out to help with the family business.

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